Team Associated/J Concepts driver Frank Root was kind enough to send in this Race Report from the JBRL round 1 race.  It contains his race experience using J Concepts products.

Event: JBRL round 1 (make-up date)

Location: Hot Rod Hobbies – Saugus, California

Date: May 24th, 2009

Classes: Electric off-road

Race Reporter: Frank Root

We were back at it again, only 5 days after the JConcepts Wave at OC/RC, heading up the 5 to the world famous Hot Rod Hobbies.  JBRL round #1 at HRH was rained out, so we are back for the make up race Memorial Day weekend.  We were expecting a light turnout, but were pleasantly surprised with 177 entries.  Jason was there to oversee the race and Steven Hartson and I were on hand to put the new Orange Bar Codes to the test against the best in Southern California.

4wd Modified was up first.  My 4wd was really well balanced; it had great steering and great stability.  I ran Orange 4wd front Bar Codes, along with Orange rears, both with 2-stage foam.  Steven was on Blue Bar Codes and was also happy with his car’s performance.  We were in the first heat, and battled throughout, but he was able to get by at the end TQ’ing round 1 by 3 seconds.  Jeff Nicol was in the 2nd heat, and was able to slip between us.  Round 2 was not the round to go last..we all kind of struggled with the technical HRH layout.  So going into the main, it was Hartson, Nicol, and Myself (Root).  Unfortunately, Hartson had an electronics issue during warm-up and was unable to participate in the main.  Jeff got out to the early lead, and I was able to chase him down.  I made a pass after the quad, only to bobble later that lap and go back to 2nd.  2 laps later, I was able to mount a pass in the same place, and pull away for good taking the A-Main victory on Orange Bar Codes!  Jeff Nicol finished 2nd as the only other car on the lead lap!

2wd Modified was the last Mod class for the day.  We were out on Saturday practicing on the track, learning the lines, and testing some setup and tires.  Although I was happy with the tires, my car was really not working too well.  Sunday before Heat 1, I changed my entire setup to Maifield’s Cactus winning 2wd setup.  Going out on new Orange Bar Codes, with White Bar Code fronts, I was really happy with the new setup.  Hartson was able to secure TQ, and I was 2nd, as we battled on the clock, even tied with one lap to go!  I was confident in my car going into round 2.  Hartson and I both got off to quick starts ahead of TQ, I was pushing hard to try and stay ahead of Steven, and he was doing the same.  In the end, I was able to grab TQ for the day!  Jeff Nicol would start 3rd.  The main was looking to be a very competitive one, with the two of us so close in both rounds of qualifying.  Hartson and I both bobbled on the first lap, getting back in the field.  We moved back to 1st and 2nd within 2 laps, when Hartson had a small crash off the larger double.  His car was unable to continue and I was able to cruise home for my second win of the day!

The Orange Bar Codes were amazing, just like at the Cactus.  I am really looking forward to the Hot Rod Hobbies Off-Road Shootout next month to prove again how good they are!

Products used –

B4 Hi-Flow body
B44 Scoopless body
6.5″ HD Wing on both cars
White 2wd front Bar Codes
Orange 4wd front Bar Codes
Orange Buggy Rear Bar Codes on both cars
JConcepts Chassis Tape

See you from JBRL Round 4 at Pegasus Hobbies in 2 weeks!

Frank Root


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