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Short course r/c trucks have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. Team Associated advanced the  1/10 scale Short Course category with the SC10. This kit was based on the multi-time ROAR national champion RC10T4.  During this same period, Team Associated released their first 1/8 Electric Buggy: The RC8E.  So what do you get when you mix the look of a 1/10 scale SC10 short course truck and the size of the 1/8 RC8E? You got it….The SC8E! A true electric 1/8 electric 4wd short course truck. I was recently given the opportunity to do a build and test on the kit. Here are my findings.

sc1Upon opening, you will find all of the parts you need to complete a rolling chassis. It’s important to note that the part #80931 kit does not come with electronics. Team Associated offers a LRP Vector 8 speed control and 2500Kv motor combo kit as well.  You will also need a transmitter and 4 Cell lipo battery. Other 1/8 combinations are available from various manufactures as well. For purposes of my test, I equipped my SC8E with a Tekin RX8 and truggy motor combo.

All of the parts bags were clearly marked by letters. This made following along with the instructions a snap.

sc2The SC8E kit comes with a pre-cut body. All of the wheel well markings and body holes were pre-cut.  All you need to do is mask and paint with any lexan based spray can. Stickers are included as well.

sc3The included instructions provided a step by step build for each portion. As I mentioned earlier, each part bag was labeled. This matched up perfectly with the instructions.

sc4sc5To my surprise, many of the main portion of the kit were already pre-built. A great example are the central drive unit and differentials. Although pre-built, they require the user to apply silicone oil inside. This is easily done with the loosening of a few screws. The kit comes with 10,000 weight oil. You may change the viscosity for different handling.

sc6sc7All of the tie rod assemblies are pre-built as well. This was a huge time saver.

sc8The 4 shock units featured a easy load o-ring setup. Just fit the piston assembly in and fill with the included oil.


Due to the punishment these trucks can take, rubber boots are provided for protection from dirt. The final units looked like this.

sc10The front and rear transmissions assemble in a similar manner. The both feature a diff pinion & gear design. The gears are each made of metal. The diff gear requires shim placement between the outter diff bearings and plastic transmission casing. This is important to check when building. This shimming allows proper gear mesh. Here’s how the two gears fit together.

sc11sc13sc14The completed front end looks like this. Both the front and rear are pretty much the same with the exception of a few plastic pieces,etc. Both bolt onto the main chassis and connect with the main drive shafts.

sc14sc15The rear suspension features a threaded wheel hex. This is the same ones used on the RC8 and RC8E 1/8 cars.

sc16The front and rear suspension features a 2.2mm anti roll bar system. This attaches nicely to the durable suspension arms. The final rear end assembly is as shown.

sc17sc20The front and rear assemblies mount to the durable aluminum chassis. This is braced with two molded braces.

sc19sc21For electronics, Tekin nicely provided R/C Evil Empire with a RX8 Speed Control and Redline 2000Kv motor. This is their standard 1/8 truggy setup. It worked very nice. There’s plenty of room for electronics on this rig….

sc22sc23The SC8E comes with a durable multi-piece roll cage and side protection. It is quickly assembled and held on the main chassis with body clips. The roll case provides rigidity and durability for the toughest tumbles.The case is easily removable. The body attaches over the roll cage.

sc24Similar to some of the main parts I mentioned earlier, the SC8E comes with pre-assembled wheels and tires.The wheel pattern has a nice realistic look.

sc26After painting the body white and stickering it was complete. Ready for the track test!

sc25sc27sc28I chose Nor-Cal Hobbies 1/8 Scale track for my test. The track is rough and rugged.  It features many jumps to test the rig.

sc29You can get some serious air with the SC8E. The 4wd power really makes it eassy to drive. It really is similar to a 1/8 scale buggy except closed wheel.

sc30As with all 4wd cars, you can pump your brakes in mid air to being the front nose down. The SC8E is no different. You can attack the jumps and pull a serious dive bomb move as pictured here!



The SC8E was very simple it is to build. The truck is quite big. It is time consuming. Lets face it….its a large scale model. These things do take time. Team Associated provides you with such pre-assembled items as the tires, tie rods, diffs,etc. This is a big time saver. As with most Team Associated models, the instructions were on point. Even the lesser experienced hobbiest can assemble the SC8E with ease.The overall build took me around 6 hours. In addition, the truck is super realistic. This is a big plus for those looking to copy their favorite auto sport. Team Associated sells a variety of replacement body and sticker patterns. The 4wd action is awesome as well. I think its more fun then 2wd short course truck. The truck handled more responsive.


Overall cons for the SC8E are the drive train. Its not that it is a bad drive train. It just takes serious punishment. Namely the center drive shafts. The manual mentioned that you have to use thread lock in several high stress areas. Please DO take this serious. I had one of the center drive shafts come loose during my test. It is best to purchase some of the high strength red threadlock before building. Also, make sure you crank down your drive shaft set screws very hard with a good wrench! This is an extremely highly stressed portion of the car. In its competed form, the model is very heavy. Weight, along with the high abuse put a strain on the model. A proper build with red threadlock will cure any shortcomings. It’s not a big deal.


I would recommend the SC8E for hobbyist and short course enthusiasts. It’s great to see many new off-road hobbyist getting into the hobby. The SC8E is a great kit. It has all of the parts you need to go fun and fast! The car to handle some serious speed and jumps. Team Associated did a good job with this one for sure!

Special thanks to Team Associated & Tekin . Without these sponsors R/C Evil Empire wouldn’t be possible.

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