About us

About R/C Evil Empire.

R/C Evil Empire is a different take on the world of R/C Car Racing. It’s a site created by the Evil Lord of R/C Darth Vader, Web Droid, and his Stormtrooper contributors. We launched in March 2009.

The site is mainly set up in a blog format to update readers about the news and happening in the R/C Car universe as seen from aboard the Death Star.

It’s a different kind of site. I consider the site 80% R/C / 20% Humor. It’s a perfect break from the usual r/c car site.

Our mission is to provide YOU the r/c enthusiast with a daily dosage of new product announcements, exclusive r/c content, tips, reviews, and more. Wrap all of that up with a nice dosage of off-topic Darkside humor (PG-13). We strive to reach thousands of hobbyists with our Darkside movement as well as contribute to the community of racers as a whole.

Info forums? We have a nice forum. Its broken up into different sections both on topic (R/C) and off-topic. Into non-work safe humor? Need somewhere to soak your sorrows from the bad economy? Want to be weird? Wanna laugh? Oh we have got something for you….Check our “Death Star” forum for the most evil banter and humor ever (18 and up only please). Please note that the Death Star is only accessible for members logged in with a password.

Have Fun, Race Hard, and May The Darkside Of The Force Be With You,

Aaron Biner aka Darth Vader of R/C